Nazareth.. Can anything good come from there?

This walk with God can be difficult. Look at the heading; this is what Nathaniel asked Philip when he told him about the messiah. (John 1:46) "Nazareth, Can anything good come from there?" Just utter disbelief that the great messiah could be from such a destitute place! I have been asking myself a similar question... Continue Reading →


“And David inquired of the Lord..”

Making time to really be present for God has been more than impossible these past few days. I always seem to have something super important to do and I keep procrastinating. Then by the time I'm ready to study the word, it's 11.30pm and I'm half asleep. Tsk..Tsk..The amount of guilt I feel when I... Continue Reading →

Monsters in the closet

So are we ever really honest? Really really honest? Me I'm not always honest and I often don't particularly care. That bothers me more than I'd like to admit.... Sometimes I tell little white lies like "oh I'm on my way!" When I'm actually still at home.. Or "We should hang out soon I'll call... Continue Reading →

When You Wait…(#featureyourfriendDay)

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about what God is doing with me in this season. To be honest, it’s sometimes such an emotional rollercoaster. Have you ever prayed, had your prayer answered, only for God to turn around and take it away? *sigh* I know God’s intentions are always for the best (Jeremiah 29:11),... Continue Reading →

What do you know about journeys?

It just hit me how far along I've come since I decided to intentionally walk with Christ. Guys, I've been a Christian my whole life but I never particularly pursued God the way I have been lately. It's been a difficult and emotional journey but I'm so grateful for how far he's brought me. It... Continue Reading →

Facing the music with God

I'm having a conversation with my friend about life's struggles.. We're talking about how to overcome obstacles that would otherwise ruin our lives..and the expression "facing the music with God" came to mind. Facing the music basically means dealing with the consequences of our actions. Sometimes we set ourselves up for some of the struggles... Continue Reading →

My Favourites; Get into it!

The fast is over guys. It was by far the best decision I have ever taken in my life. I feel growth spiritually and emotionally! Listen, I am never going back onto the world again..I was so empty! I decided to pass through to let you know two of my favorite songs this year.....I feel... Continue Reading →

It is good to be patient.

About ten minutes ago I felt exactly like this verse. I had that telltale lump in my throat and I willed myself over and over not to give in to despair. It was hard. Then I remembered that God told me this afternoon in Jerimiah 33:3 through conversation with a counselor, that all I had... Continue Reading →

Day 1 : of 21

Listen, I cannot follow through with anything from start to finish. Are there people like that out there? I'm usually so frigging pumped about something that's just absolutely great in my head, then I give myself 23635 cool ways to execute whatever it is. I even pat myself on the back when I imagine how... Continue Reading →

‘Light London’… Anyone ? 

Soo obviously when something amazing happens to me I have to share it with everyone just so they can also be touched by it! I want to work on getting closer to God and growing my faith just so that I don't get myself to that 2/10 point of hopelessness  again. It hasn't been the easiest... Continue Reading →

Unbroken Spirits…

Helloooo to all one hundred and something of you! I dare say its been eons since I sprinkled some fairy dust over here, hasn't it?  -This is me trying to lift up my spirits after months of what I think has been pure hell.  Right now, in this very moment I have decided that nothing... Continue Reading →

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