Manolos and Men’s attention LOL


This caption just cracks me up! I am happy today ^_^ I always say that everything will be fine in the end and that if it’s not fine then its not the end.  I BELIEVE that with every teensy weensy fiber of my being . For once I have no idea what to say  here but I feel like writing anyway. So I read my friend Titi’s  blog today and I could totally relate to her feelings about feeling like a failure sometimes. I feel that too,  like these moments when I even want to write and I have no idea what to say to the world. I don’t have my life figured out yet but I was reminded by her today to stop and smell those figurative roses sometimes :-).

Also, I just have to say here that The women in my life are AWESOME.  Women like these are a constant reminder that there is waaay more to life than manolos and men’s attention as the caption says! And my girlfriends are such blessings! I’ve been thinking of great  ways to celebrate them and let them know how incredibly proud of them I am!  You are who you surround yourself with, And I consider myself fortunate to call these people my friends. Apart from my mum and sisters who will always be my superheroes, My girl friends are women I am empowered by… Like the bestie, Ms. B Redd is a writer of epic proportions!  I connect with her on that level of poetry but I am still astounded each and every time she writes something new because she is phenomenal at what she does. And then of course  the  crazies are always the artists! And believe me  Frimpongma IS ART. I remember the first time I saw her work.. Or  felt her work -yes felt…I couldn’t understand the poweful emotions it evoked inside of me. I mean I am not even a lover of art but I was confused by it. It was just so so beautiful.

All of my friends are so immensely talented that I can’t even begin to talk about them all because we wouldn’t have enough time! It feels so incredible being surrounded by all of this power. I LOVE women. I love being a woman for those of you haven’t noticed by now lol ..In fact I believe most of the poetry I write revolves around the sexuality of the female body. I love it’s undulating curves, the soft swell of the breasts, the sensuality of the flat tummy, the roundness of the hips and thighs…the silky skin..*sigh*   So Yes  all I am really trying to say is that you need to surround yourselves with  beautiful, loving, fun, genuine, talented,  hardworking, GOAL ORIENTED women so that you can uplift one another all the time and be sources of strength and encouragement in difficult times  -Trust me it feels ah-mazing!

Quick recap ; No i am not freaking out this week because it it has been SO  productive and it’s just Wednesday!  I had a boudoir themed photoshoot with an amazing photographer for his portfolio and I had so much fun doing it! I was so so shy at first you wouldn’t believe it, But confidence is everything and the notch on my self esteem meter just went a little higher.  I got in contact with a few non profit organizations too that are centered on Gender issues for  volunteering that would surely help me with my situational analysis of Women in Ghana and also help me to know the ins and outs of running such a foundation on my own. Then today I have also started seriously working on my post graduate studies *yaaaaay*!

I am blabbing a lot for someone who didn’t even know what to say today but Something great happened yesterday and we seriously need to take time out and praise God when these things happen! I went for my transcripts from my school today and as I waited to receive it I was sad… Why? Because a lot of my grades hadn’t been appearing online for months and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what I was going to do about it. What with all the bureaucracy in that place?! I had taken the decision to begin applying for post graduate schools and I knew that this could be a major set back. I just said a little prayer and decided to stop worrying about it …and  then when I  finally received my transcript every single grade was right there!
I am just SO grateful to God for his grace and little mercies. We don’t always deserve it but if  Jeremiah 29 :11 is anything to go by, I know that HE only has great plans for us!  So I want everyone to remember this : ‘ When God is round about you, How can you be dismayed?”

– A. Afua


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