photo-2I have decided to start working out 🙂 . I don’t know about you guys but the Easter really did me in weight wise, Yes I need to do something about it. Nobody wants to see a giant belly showing in their clothes, no sir! And so today I went ape sh*t on my online research for ways to improve the appearance of my skin,body, hair and nails and I must say I am even more confused about what exactly to do than when I first started! you won’t believe it.. so if any of you ladies out there know of a great skin care and workout regimen I would greatly appreciate it if you would share! So far what I have concluded from all I read is that ; Running is good, I have to drink about a GALLON of water every day 0_o. I have to do a master cleanse or drink some detox tea to sort of reboot my system. And I have to moisturize my skin twice daily irrespective of the fact that it is oily and prone to breakouts.. oh, and I have to drink a beetroot and spinach smoothie every morning to make my skin “glow” . Goodness. I am drawing up what I call a life table as soon as I get off work to try and get myself into the same routine during the weekdays so I plan to chip in all of this new information which the internet swears will have me looking like a goddess in three months! lol wish me luck! plus I am still at a loss about how to properly moisturize my natural kinky hair without saturating it with oil :/

-A. Afua


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  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and I’m glad you’re in good spirits! Well i certainly know what you mean about the Internet! It has too much info leaves you confused as to which is the best and how to do it so i try to stick to things that are simple and easy to maintain( in relation to working out, hair, skin and all that). I think you can try a gym to get back into shape. There are personal trainers so they guide you. I think there is bling body and branch fitness(those are the only ones that come to mind at the moment)
    Your hair! You can try bloggers like ‘thekinkandi’and Makeupbysharms. They have great recommendations for natural hair, skin and beauty.
    Sorry should have warned you that this was going to be a long comment.lol
    Anyway have a lovely week!

    1. Hello there! thanks so much for the feedback Lord knows i needed it! I think the gym is a good idea where can I find this bling body and branch fitness? AND you’re a doll for redirecting me to those blogs! you’ve helped me in more ways than you know! Have an awesome week yourself!

    2. Hello!
      Sorry for the late reply. Well Branch fitness is on the spintex road at the agapet filling station. With Bling body gym I am not exactly sure of the location but I know they have a tema community 18 branch and a spintex branch. This is their phone no. If you’re interested +233 50 740 5390. And I’m glad I could be of help! 🙂
      Enjoy the rest your week! Stay blessed!

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