Monitor your Happiness!

10891078_326066017598341_38211646_nSo yesterday I spent quite a few hours relaxing in bed and just pondering over my state of being. I realized I had been feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.. but why? that was the Million dollar question! I began checking out what the other bloggers I followed had been up to later on in the night and inadvertently I found the answers that my restless soul needed to continue my life because damn the feeling had been killing me!

So the most important thing I learnt from the blogosphere : You need to monitor your own happiness!

What that simply means is that if you want to be happy it is imperative that you work towards it! -yes. This doesn’t mean that you should go around with a grin plastered on your face, smiling as if your life depended on it. NO.  What I plan to do is to commit to doing little things everyday that are sure to bring me happiness or even the most subtle of smiles! And so I came up with a list of possible ‘happiness bringers’

1. Jog   2. Take my meds every single morning- no more excuses, hopefully  3. Stick to my new organic/ herbal skin care regimen- Love it!  4. Make scented candles a daily ritual!  5. Blog at least once a week  6. Continue working on my projects no matter how dismal the circumstances! 7. Drink lots and lots of water  8. Try to do my daily devotion twice a day  9.  Try to monitor on a scale of 1-10 my happiness level every day  10.  Make it a point to look and smell incredibly hot every. single. day.

I am going to do this for the next thirty dayss… let’s see how it goes! Meanwhile my love life has been a train wreck like you wouldn’t believe! Needless to say, I have not been taking things slow.. Been making a lot of very avoidable mistakes and or lapses in judgement AS USUAL and I have broken the no hanky panky rule. again. but that’s okay. *picks self up and dusts off negativity* I know I can do this. Will be sure to make my next post about the craziness I have managed to immerse myself in..for the thousandth time!


– A. Afua


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