Absolute Randomness.


Current situation : the wind is blowing through my hair. Moving the hem of my long dress softly around my ankles.. the weather is nice and cool.. enough for you to feel the hint of a chill but not too cold such that you needed to put on a sweater.  I’m sitting at this makeshift car wash watching my car get cleaned and up until about five minutes ago, I  couldn’t wait to leave.  But… leave and go where? Exactly?
I just asked myself why I am so restless.. All I have to do is go back home and cook something yummy and brood about my life.. while catching up on an episode or two of “orange is the new black “.  Was that so important that I couldn’t spend a few minutes to appreciate this moment? Appreciate the day?  Appreciate the beauty long sinewy branches and sturdy trunk of the neem tree I sat under? The crisp and clean fresh air?
So I have realized I don’t take time to appreciate the little seemingly mundane moments of my life. I never stop and smell those figurative roses. I don’t have the habit of counting my blessings and or looking at the glass half full.  That’s so bad!
And so I challenge myself and you, if you’re reading this to look for two things that are so great about whatever situation you find yourself in right now!
So here it goes :
1. The weather is  stupendously awesome today 😍
2. I am reading the alchemist by Paulo Coelho while I wait and I love it!

Also, I think I need to add character building to the list of things on my to-do list. I took an old wine bottle the other day and decided to stuff it with little notes that I write about myself every day.  In an effort to get to know myself better in the long run and know how many of the bad qualities I have managed to change by the time the bottle is filled.  And  today’s note to myself was :” I am not straightforward.  I  am  passive aggressive person”
I can honestly say that it is one of my most negative and annoying traits! I sometimes have so much difficulty being straightforward about issues and it just completely disgusts me because I don’t want to be like that at all. I  want to be able to be bold and say stuff like the sky is blue… -Not blue-ish! 😭😭😓 I can’t even begin to imagine what I’ve been putting those around me through…but at least a problem identified or admitted is a problem half solved. .. right?

-A. Afua


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