A blog is like your best friend


I was just on the verge of writing the  ‘its been ages’ speech but I would rather not. A blog is like your best friend..even if you don’t talk for three years you’d pick up right where you left off when you meet! like nothing happened  – yes that’s my way of trying to justify being away for so long 😀

This is as random as random gets but Do you ever consider the number of times that you have used God as a panic button? … I reach for him mostly when I am in need or in trouble. I don’t think I am the only person in the world who is guilty of this but do you ever wonder how long it can go on? Now more than ever I FEEL like I am closer and closer to self realization…  and it feels about forty seven different shades of awesome.. why? because God has been good to me! I even  got a new job which takes me all over Ghana -something I have been dyinggg to do because I love to travel and meet new people and experience life. He listens you guys.. he listens to our hearts. He knows what our hearts are saying even when our mouths cannot form the words to him…and lately that’s how I’ve been feeling.. I am content and the funny thing is that my life is not devoid of problems but somehow I am still happy. I love it. I feel  so good inside ! I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am to know for a fact that in spite of everything I do He listens to my heart..

it’s safe to say that i find it incredibly comforting..  ❤

At first I thought i had to be a certain way or live a certain kind of lifestyle to find happiness but I was wrong! it doesn’t come from doing a bunch of systematic things or even doing what we think we’re ‘supposed to be doing’ in our minds. It just happens when you stop searching and just LIVE. stop existing and LIVE.

Feel the rain, don’t just get wet! enjoy being you.. knowing you. with it comes confidence and lightheartedness! Let go of everything….all that matters is you. Be you. for example Now I know that I am a little bit of a princess because I love to dress up! I also know that I am a scatter brain, passive aggressive, stubborn and a teensy weensy bit vain lol …  Not everyone will like you and sometimes you may have to change a few negative things but try as much as possible not to compare the lives of others to yours. Focus on loving the good things and actually experiencing them. it works. Nothing is perfect! accept it.

what I honestly cannot wait to blog about is my new perspective on love… I still haven’t fully left train wreck land yet -and that’s okay!  but  my question for my next post is ‘what does it mean when you may need to change who you are/ think you are because someone cannot accept all of you?

– A. Afua


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