Butterflies in the Savanna


The savanna is glorious. It is just so damned  beautiful! I took a work trip to  Northern Ghana a few weeks ago and prior to that, the  savanna  was  a stranger to me,  it’s dispersed with leafless trees shedding their leaves, the golden grassland that once stretched infinitely, was completely  reduced to  a wide expanse of ashes… Like the ashes  of burnt promises and happily ever afters in my life.. It made me sad  up until that moment when I totally thought I saw the aimless glide of  what looked like a  swallowtail on the  elephant grass (promise!)…..but did  Butterflies even exist in the savanna? I asked myself  in amusement.

I  mulled  over it later on.. butterflies are a sign  of transformation, change and new beginnings..  The fact that  it swirled around prettily in spite of how ravaged the land was, was inspiring… it made a lot of sense to me. what would it take  for me to to do that too?

Seriously though,  it takes absolutely nothing, because my existence and my very being  isn’t even up to me at all but the  Big Guy upstairs.. Last night as thoughts of my life swirled around in my head, my faith in God was  restored, ironically because I FELT that God got me even when I don’t ‘got’ myself.. all I had to do was focus!  The fact that I could still feel  cold air coursing through my lungs meant that God did not give up on me just yet- I am alive.

I have not had the urge to pray or listen to the word of God in so long but yesterday when I tried  to make some sense out of the problems in my life, Tried to figure out a miracle to pay off my bills, Tried to figure out which of  the men in my life I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with,  One thing was made clear to me and I heard myself speak these words to my soul  “Be still..for I am God”  I know sometimes many of us try to solve our problems by ourselves, we give up and lose hope when the burdens of life are too heavy for us to bear then we run around trying to fix every little problem .. but in those moments just tell yourself to Be Still..stop worrying.. leave everything up to Him and KNOW that all shall be well in the end.timthumb.php.jpg

Just know that. I read the daily devotion today for the first time in months and the message moved me to write this post. so I will share a little bit with  you guys;   Sometimes we keep to ourselves, we don’t want our privacy invaded because we are so absorbed in all of our own problems that we don’t even look outside of ourselves to observe what’s happening to others because we feel that we cannot possibly absorb any more pain.-I can relate because I am like that most times when I am troubled. We have to know that God fights our battles for us even while we are asleep!  We must always have grateful hearts and we must be willing to have our ‘Us time’ interrupted if it means becoming a beacon of hope to others because life just be kicking the crap out of all of our asses lately tbh.

I cannot stress on how important it is to pick one another other up when that downward spiral begins. It truly is easier said than done to personify the changes that we want to see in our lives amidst all of our difficulties.. but can you imagine how bad ass you would feel if you went through with it till the end? and even helped others along the way?

“While we must admit that we do sometimes wish to keep our personal space and privacy, the only way we help a world of hurting people is to let them get close enough to be touched by the encouragement, comfort, and grace of Christ in us.  ” -Our Daily Bread.

So on that note,  have a lovely rest of the day if you’re reading this! -Be happy , trudge on and be that light at the end of the tunnel for someone – Be a butterfly in their savanna! ❤


– A. Afua


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