Bet you thought you had it all figured out

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Okay, lets be honest here. How did you guys think your adulthood was going to be like when you were little?  Didn’t you have everything planned out to the T?  And how everything was going to work out just the way it was supposed to be?

So tell me.. how did it feel when life finally hit you with the big FAT reality check? I think I had a mild stroke when I realized that life wasn’t all beer and skittles! I did Not know what I wanted to do with myself, did Not know if what I had chosen was the right career ? like.. wasn’t I supposed to get my first degree.. get on with my masters straight away in a field I loved and then make tons and tons of money from it?  I did not even have the rich,tall, dark handsome 6 foot 4′ man I always knew I would be with. I mean.. what the hell is happening here?   Nobody even told me that it was much much easier to gain weight in your twenties! I miss my thin, sinewy body more than I care to admit to anyone.

Solution: Love yourself… this is not the death of all your dreams and aspirations. It’s okay to have a meltdown sometimes but do yourself a favour, don’t unpack and live there. So admittedly your life is not as great as you imagined it would be.. but so what? the most important thing is that you’re alive. That means each new day brings with it new ideas, opportunities and challenges – let’s not forget that part.  So brace yourself and get on with the race of your life by jumping  ALL of the hurdles that come your way like a fucking boss.

You’re not a saint, you’re going to make mistakes sometimes you’ll even repeat them five or six times if you’re like me and you’re a glutton for punishment, chastisement and regret. Just accept the person you are now and get on with loving whoever he/she is already like I said, Not the image you have created of who you’re supposed to be.  Not an easy thing to do especially when everyone and everything around you seems to be doing great but the worst thing you can do to yourself is compare your life to others…



– A. Afua


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