Five Minutes in James Town



OK, we need to talk about appreciating life and noticing things around us – and people. I had a tearful moment alone  in the bathroom fifteen minutes ago ( don’t ask.)  You know that huge lump you get in your throat when you’re trying very, very, hard not to cry?  yeah. I locked myself in there just in case those uninvited tears decided to fall and ruin my day anyway.  How do you deal with those moments? Do you cry? take a walk? blast some music? Call your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Personally, I think I have good, wise women around me,  I have some amazing friends!  I can’t imagine not having some of them in my life to talk me out of my  melt downs, seriously. I know some people don’t believe in trusting other people so much and believing in their goodness because ‘they don’t do best friends’  But.. that’s just sad to me. I think that’s one of the most positive and utterly fulfilling parts of my life -having other women who inspire, encourage and push me to be the greatest I can be.. especially Joy :).

Well if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am channeling some advice that she gave to me today about learning to appreciate things more. We all need to take a page out of that book and stop being so self-absorbed in all of our problems/challenges. I have a few posts reminding people to acknowledge their blessings no matter how little simply because there are people out there who are going through the most,  easier said than done, I know. but  when everything seems overwhelming just try to give yourself two potentially positive outcomes of whatever the hell  is happening to you. Try. I drove through James Town about five nights ago and at the risk of sounding incredibly superficial, I did not scrunch up my face and turn up my nose at the sights and smells like I usually do, not once!



I was alone, not in any particular hurry just driving through the town and my  mind = blown. I felt the soul of the place. I laughed in bewilderment at the kids deliberately crossing the roads at green lights, which is so stupid and dangerous but I just couldn’t help but marvel at the glee with which they did it. If I’d had a camera I’d have captured the most striking thing about the night to me, the contrast between the modernity of the laughing faces in the local pubs dancing and spilling onto the street, the canoes docked on the shore and the history that was evident in the old James fort prison and the famous light house that the town is known for. Everything just put a smile on my face at once. These people had something I didn’t have, they were happy.  This is a place that I never, ever  take my time to observe but everything that was going on in that moment was so typical of Ghana!  Now I wouldn’t want the town to be any other way.

All it took was five minutes in James Town to know the truth of Joy’s words. that sometimes we need to see things and not just look, we need to listen to things and not just hear them. We’re all guilty of focusing on the wrong things especially the ones that we cannot control instead of paying close attention to what matters, like Our characters, our souls, the way we treat others, our spirituality, our health.. you know, stuff like that.


-A. Afua





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  1. its so true. Most often the people who have next to nothing seem to be the happiest people. I dont know why but theres also a true sense of the community around these areas I would love to be a part of.

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