Believe : to accept that something as true, genuine or real.




I was skimming through the dailies on Friday when I saw an article written about Charlotte Osei – the chairperson of the EC of Ghana. A particular  quote struck a chord within me.  The part at the end of the article where the writer goes “have you taken note of the rod with which Takyi is being thrashed? Mark it, it will be used against you one day.”- That just means we’re all going to face problems, right? So what do we do when those days come?

The article was quite interesting, it centered on the atrocious slander and indignities that poor woman is being put through by having her morality questioned all. the. time!

Like the writer, I did wonder myself if she was being put through all that just because she was a woman.  Would the same questions be ringing in our ears if the new  chairperson was a man?  As a 21st century woman I honestly find it quite nerve wracking that women, especially in Africa are always judged not based on what they can do but ‘who they have been doing what, with.’ And with it comes a lot of colourful appellations too!  Because we are not allowed to also make messes of things and fall flat on our faces out here.

Ok.  What I noticed was that, the writer BELIEVED in her, believed enough to call out those naysayers although he did mention that he did not agree with her on everything.  Commendable attitude isn’t it?  As usual it got me thinking… how many of us have such people in our lives?  People who stand for us, support us and root for us at the top of their lungs no matter what. I am talking about people who would still be hollering if you ran track in the Olympics and made it to 27th place.

Next question : How many of us fill those shoes for the people around us? Are we ever brave enough to call people out like that writer did or do we just slither on and disappear into the darkness in the face of such issues because we don’t want to “get involved?”

I digress.  I can’t wait for this year to be over, truly. I hate those moments when things are so good that you begin to take EVERYTHING for granted and then you have a series of fuck ups to fix before the end of the year. I am in that damage control mode.. it has been hard to say no this year.. to a lot of things and most importantly a lot of people.  I did not realize how toxic giving in to everything has been for me until my ‘brothers’ at work decided to have an intervention for me in the middle of the day so In could ‘salvage’ my soul before there was nothing left. YES. It was one of the most embarrassing, grueling, frank moments of my life.  And I almost cried not because I had been told to be strong and ‘ get my shit together’ and ‘cut some people off’   but the love I felt that came with it was so real. Even though I know they’re too “gangsta” to admit it. lol

I was motivated instantly, just knowing that they cared that much and most importantly believed in me. – best feeling ever! I can assure you. – it just set things in motion.. put a lot of things into perspective for me to set the ball rolling to continue the fight to achieve my dreams and  to stop focusing on the wrong things and the wrong people.

Moral of the story :  Showing or telling someone you believe in them at their most vulnerable can and will encourage him/her to get up and trudge on and make the effort to obliterate all impediments that are preventing them from achieving their purpose.

Be that person for someone.

Be that person for you. or at least try.

Lesson learnt the past few days is,  that doing the right thing will always trump the feelings of depression and anger and sadness eventually because of the rewards they bring.   So power on if you’re feeling down and reading this especially if you’re like me and you’ve done a lot of bad things that make you feel like you’re not good enough for anyone/ anything.  Thinking like that is just you being obsessed with your own sins AND wallowing in them AND embodying that bad worthless person you’re so afraid to be.  Meanwhile the people who love and believe in you would not remember if you yourself didn’t bring it up ever so often -not just through words but repetitively doing the same bad things because that is who you have allowed your mind to condition you to be… Wake up..You are capable of being whoever you want to be.


-A. Afua




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