Unbroken Spirits…

imageshx Helloooo to all one hundred and something of you! I dare say its been eons since I sprinkled some fairy dust over here, hasn’t it?  -This is me trying to lift up my spirits after months of what I think has been pure hell.  Right now, in this very moment I have decided that nothing on earth, and I mean NOTHING can break my spirit. I won’t allow it, you shouldn’t too -Here’s why.

I digress, a quick recap as to why I’ve been MIA since for some reason I always feel like I owe my readers an explanation every time I vanish off the surface of the internet. So.. I think I told you guys that I got engaged… or? Well In Ghana its more of a traditional marriage but whatever. I’ve yet to have a white wedding… aaanndd drumroll…: I’m also having a babyyy!! yaay. Also,  for those who may be asking about what happened to ‘re-branding’ the blog. It is an inspirational one (for all intents and purposes). Let’s carry on. 😛


What I have to say today is, we should try hard not to allow our circumstances or the bad things that happen to us to break our spirits. We can cry, wail, weep, have a pity party and lick our wounds (cos we deserve to) BUT we must Not allow our spirits to get shattered.. there’s no coming back to ourselves from that!  Often we venture into things and take many decisions with the purest intentions in the world, with the best of hearts; then the negative outcomes and backlash we sometimes receive from that can be heinous enough to make us question our very existence.  Maybe you went into your marriage thinking you’d ride off into the sunset with the love of your life, but a splash of cold water over all your dreams has left you destitute with what is your actual reality  -emotional torture.  Maybe your excitement about that amazing  job you have did not prepare you for the nasty, co-workers and horrible  environment you currently find yourself working in. Maybe You are just stressed out about your whole life, you have way too many things going on at once and nobody seems to appreciate that you’re doing a damned good job trying to juggle all your responsibilities with no breaks in between!  Or Maybe you’re just broke all the time no matter how well you try to organize your finances and there seems to be no end to your financial woes..

We must have faith, against all odds. I think I can relate to every single one of these scenarios which brings me back to why I mentioned that I had been through hell the past few months.. I kept asking myself “Why me?”..or “God why are you watching me go through this, you promised everything would be okay!”  I know its hard, I know, but don’t give up on yourself. We have to believe that there is that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s make a mental note to take everything one day at a time or one hour at a time- if that helps, to avoid accumulating feelings of sadness and frustration.

There is a Ghanaian proverb that says that ‘ when the elephant falls, every animal gets the chance to hit him’  That’s funny considering the glaring truth in the fact that even the ant would not dare to go close to the elephant under any other circumstance. Think of yourself as an elephant.. think of your situation as temporary fall. Everything else is minuscule in comparison to how great God is going to make you once you’re back on your feet!42944e4666c0cb4e95d6df15e3cf3181

Usually, what helps me is to cry it all out, even if I have to cry for two days. Then I talk to people I trust..like my mom or my sister..or My best friend. Ideally we should be talking to God, but I am aware of the fact that sometimes it is hard to pray because we are mad at God for letting things get so out of shape! I mean wasn’t he the one who promised us in Jeremiah 29:11 that he had only good things planned for us? so what the heck is happening?? lol

I remind myself to read Jeremiah 33:3, if I am feeling up to it on those days because it tells me never to stop calling on God, no matter what. We have to believe that those great and unsearchable things he promised us will come our way, only if we keep faith in him and hold his hand in times of trouble. God is with us.. even when we get mad at him we have to go back and stay close to him in order to keep our spirits refreshed and renewed to face these battles!

When God is round about you… how can you be dismayed?


-A. Afua





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