Day 6: Disregarded Testimonies”

Take a look at the title of this post. “Disregarded testimonies” say it slowly…roll it on your tongue and ponder over it for a minute, if you can. It’s no secret that as Christians we are in the middle of a raging battle with the forces of darkness. While we are also aware that God has definitely and utterly defeated them on our behalf, One thing the devil is good at doing is making us feel like everything is peaceful here on earth, so we get comfortable. We don’t pray as often as we should, we don’t wage war on the devil as we should, we don’t believe in the power of God’s salvation, as we should.

I always say that the devil takes no days off when it comes to ruining the lives of Christians so why should we? God speaks to us every day, in little ways. He answers our prayers and fights battles for us that we are sometimes not even aware of. The devil is good at making us oblivious to that. I feel like every Christian should be able to boast of countless times that God has blessed and come through for them but you’d realize that, they are so fixated on problems and mishaps in their lives that they don’t even notice these blessings. They find them “normal.”

I will use myself as an example. The problem is that, like many others, I tend to feel so unworthy. I struggle to believe that I am truly saved or truly forgiven by God. Every time I sin, I draw further and further away from Him because I can’t handle the guilt. I keep telling myself that “God is even tired of you and your shenanigans” but that’s just good ol’ satan doing what he does best! – using guilt to make me weak in my faith.

So PayAttentionPeople ‼️

Stop worrying about the next prayer you need answered from God. Say thank you for the blessings you have taken for granted instead. I have been so so absorbed with what’s going wrong in my marriage. For example,I pray about my struggle within, yet I find myself trying to fix things on my own or take certain decisions on my own in keen anticipation of a great outcome -because I want my life to be “perfect.” Thinking like that is just ridiculous mind you, and will make you collect shelves of ‘Disregarded testimonies‘ in your life. How will God manifest his power if everything is perfect in our lives??

Let me outline a few if mine real quick:

  • God saved the life of my baby last year. I was focused on the fact that I had an expensive, emergency c-section and forgot that she would have died if I had gone through natural labour.
  • God gave me a second job which I took for granted till I almost lost it this Month! -and this job has sustained me for a year!
  • God blessed me with a marriage. A difficult one, but a marriage nonetheless. I was selfish and focused on my partner’s shortcomings while justifying mine.

Just look at this! I’m so ashamed. These are three things that many people pray fervently to be blessed with yet I’m over here finding them “normal.” Are they, really???

Long story short. Pick up your Bibles, be thankful for the “normal” things and let’s fight against the devil! Stop worrying, pray more and start believing. Take it one day at a time, one verse at a time and remember that The devil takes no days off in his quest to destroy your life.


-A. Afua


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