What do you know about journeys?

It just hit me how far along I’ve come since I decided to intentionally walk with Christ. Guys, I’ve been a Christian my whole life but I never particularly pursued God the way I have been lately. It’s been a difficult and emotional journey but I’m so grateful for how far he’s brought me.

It makes me wonder what the heck I was doing with the previous twenty six years of my life😂🤔😩. I just wanted to slide in here and sprinkle some encouragement to someone. Walking with Christ is indeed a narrow path but it is also the most important and the most taken for granted! I gave up many times but let me stress on the fact that, if you stay consistent with God you will know that Jesus Christ will grant you happiness and unbelievable peace -even when you’ve been thrown out of your home, even when you are going through a divorce, even when your partner leaves you, even when you are broke with nowhere to turn to, even when you lose your job. I want to encourage everyone out there to continue to walk with God, keeping in mind the fact that as long as you allow him, he will hold your hand through any and everything.

Don’t panic when you are convicted by the Holy spirit to do something you’re not ready to do while you’re on this journey because he was brought to earth to guide us to do great things for God. I say this because after intentionally giving in to the spirit and deciding to really really follow God, I was convicted to do things like: apologize and make peace with people I was on bad terms with, even though they had wronged me! I was convicted to fast and surrender my will to God, I was convicted to confess my sins and hold myself accountable. It has definitely not been easy running after God but it’s been worth it. I imagine life to be a long winding dangerous road filled with demons and booby traps, and tantalizing temptations to distract and derail us from focusing on our purpose! Meanwhile the only way to be safe is to run towards the open arms of God, with Jesus Christ holding our hands through the journey. Whatever you do, do Not let go of Jesus’s hand! My life has never been more chaotic than it is right now but I’ve also never been happier!

The joy of the Lord is indeed our strength. Whenever you feel fearful and afraid and anxious, talk to him about it -relentlessly. He will take the fear away and replace it with Joy. Because he said his strength is made perfect in our weaknesses! If the son therefore shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.

I hope I made some sense today, don’t forget to pray. 💕

-A. Afua


8 thoughts on “What do you know about journeys?

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  1. It’s definitely not easy…but it’s worth it..over and over. Thank you sis for lifting my spirit up.

    But if heaven never was promised to me,

    **It’s been worth just having the Lord in my life. Living in a world of darkness, He came along and brought me the Light**.🤗

  2. Sometimes God makes us go through bad times to direct our paths unto Him. You’re are truly blessed and favoured! I’ve been telling you this for a long time. Truth is this path ain’t easy, it’s a tough one. As you’ve put your hands to the plough never turn back (Luke 9:62). It won’t be easy but God is forever faithful! Find something to do in church keep yourself busy in the house of God it’s a sure way of keeping yourself. Expect more wahala ( Matthew 12:43-45). I pray that we’ll fight to the end. I pray you can say as Paul said at the end of the day (2 Timothy 4:7-8)! I love you plenty 😁

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