Monsters in the closet

So are we ever really honest? Really really honest? Me I’m not always honest and I often don’t particularly care. That bothers me more than I’d like to admit…. Sometimes I tell little white lies like “oh I’m on my way!” When I’m actually still at home.. Or “We should hang out soon I’ll call you!” When I really have no intention to. I take the grace of God for granted in so many ways. I wonder if this happens to other people? I was sitting over here trying my best not to berate myself for doing something I knew better than doing. It was the wrong thing to do but guys, I was just dying to do it so I convinced myself that nobody would get hurt… Because no one knew🤦🏾‍♀️.

I feel like those legendary skeletons in our closets that we don’t acknowledge, have developed into living, breathing, monsters for some of us, simply because we have no accountability whatsoever. Look at me sitting over here plotting how to do the wrong thing, just because I think I have no one to answer to -cos it’s such a teeny tiny sin🤐. That’s why I will forever wonder if we’re ever truly honest with ourselves. For example Do we admit it when we’re so jealous of our friends’ lives and want what they have so badly that it takes herculean strength to smile and act like everything is OK? Do we admit that we really should not be giving in to lustful thoughts about men that we know can change the destination of our entire spiritual journey? Can you admit to your prayer circle that you are always rude to your mother, so you need help, instead of showing up there and pretending all is well and good? How about hiding things like debt and financial struggle because we want to “keep up with the Jones’s?”….Or maybe you are the one who likes telling people to stop fornicating when you’re secretly going home to your colossal porn collection! (please I have some of these monsters hiding in my closet too)

From experience, I think the worst thing we can do is to live double lives. I’m not saying that we should go around blasting our problems to everyone but I think we should quit the pretense and be honest with one another. God asks us to bear each other’s burdens and in that way we will fulfill the law of Christ. (Galatians 6:2) Your heavenly father has told is that it is OK to be vulnerable, so what are you doing going around acting like angel Gabriel ain’t got sh*t on you? (Excuse my language)

Please It is OK to ask your friends to pray for you! It is OK to ask your pastor to help you deal with your deepest darkest secret! It is OK to admit you used to be a thief! It’s of no use pretending you’re perfect or making others feel bad about themselves to cover up your own sin! I feel like people have issues with Christianity because sometimes we act like we’re soooo perfect. If we are honest in little things we will be honest in big ones and vice versa (Luke 16:10)

It’s hard enough trying to explain to others why they have to give their lives to God (especially those ones who have PHDs in atheism.) Must we ruin it with all our pretense? We need to do better jobs at making our lives great examples of the incredible nature of God’s grace, to enable people to see the Christ in us. Be honest about your walk with God. None of us were born righteous and saved. Jesus got all of us off the one way train to hell, so don’t be scared to be truthful. Heaven will rejoice if your honesty can save even one person who is living the life that you used to live, because you are a testimony of his amazing grace and love! Go for it!

-A. Afua


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