Hi my name is ……& i am a Void-aholic! (#featureyourfriendDay)

Hi, my name is ( Insert your name here) and I am a Voidaholic. I’ve been one for many years. Feeling the need to fill voids with whatever I could find, relationships, flings, friendships. I was always in one thing after the other, no gaps, no breathing spaces. Anytime I could feel I was “alone” or “lonely” I would conjure up a reason to be in “something”. The thing with these “things” was that they were mostly born out of innocent thoughts but ended up with wrong motives because they were all for the sake of filling a void. A void that I never admitted I had. Slowly the voids became bigger instead because each time one relationship, thing, fling, friendship was over, I’d automatically “replace” it with another almost immediately. And each time a wrong lover or friend left, they dug a part of my heart with them, leaving an even bigger void. The problem with us voidaholics is that we never entirely heal from these events. We carry a big suitcase filled with our fears, our pride, our securities etc into the next situation. We come with an almost empty suitcase and leave with an even bigger one which we have filled with our issues and yours. So why do we do this? One may ask. It’s simple. WE ARE SCARED TO BE ALONE. We are not bad people. We are just hurt people. Extremely hurt people who need time to unpack, discard and heal ALONE, devoid of the need to fill a void.

Words from the one who admits that this is who they have been all along…




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