“And David inquired of the Lord..”

Making time to really be present for God has been more than impossible these past few days. I always seem to have something super important to do and I keep procrastinating. Then by the time I’m ready to study the word, it’s 11.30pm and I’m half asleep. Tsk..Tsk..The amount of guilt I feel when I wake up just lingers and lingers for the next couple of days. In fact I’m feeling so guilty right now it’s overwhelming. Does that guilt mean that I’m putting undue pressure on myself? Or does it mean that I’m not doing enough and can do better?

I was muttering to myself about it today on my way to school and the message I received within my spirit was to just spend more time in prayer. -Notice that the message had nothing to do with what I was even worrying myself about? I literally just had to pray more. Guilt is such an annoying thing! Let me digress a bit so the theme of this entire post can be highlighted. I believe I feel guilty because in spite of all the trials I’m going through, Jesus has managed to take away the tears from my eyes. Guys sometimes I even forget I have problems and I know for a fact that if I stray away from God everything is going to come crashing down on my head. This kind of peace is only given by the Holy spirit.

So I do this thing where I pick up one book in the Bible and try my best to study it as I would my notes. The point is to let God minister to me and help me to unlock “coded” messages 😂. You should see me struggling not to fall asleep night in between phonecalls, diaper changes, lurking on Instagram and other people’s blogs! By the time I settle down, all pumped to read it, I’m asleep after five sentences. But today I am on a mission to continue studying the word. I don’t want to get comfortable doing it half-heartedly.

What I noticed today after reading the books of Samuel was that, David had a prophecy over his life; Samuel anointed him as King over Israel at the Lord’s command, yet it took him years of intense struggle for the prophecy to be fulfilled and for him to become King of Israel. He was hounded to the ends of the earth by Saul like a blood thirsty dog, He had several wars to fight during that time with the Philistines and even his own people -the war between Judah and the tribe of Benjamin, He was homeless and lived in a cave, He lost his best friend Jonathan in the middle of all that and this isn’t even everything he went through! I mean How easy would it have been for David to just give up. He could have just stopped and said “God I’m done. It’s OK! Take your kingdom!” (I would definitely be teetering along those lines for sure) But guys do you know the most amazing part? In the midst of EVERYTHING you would realize one phrase repeating itself in different chapters; “..and David inquired of the Lord” ( 2 Samuel 5:19, 1 Samuel 30:8, 1 Samuel 23:2)

David never did anything without consulting God first. He never knew the outcome of his trials but he had so much faith and confidence in God’s direction that he knew that he was suffering for a purpose and he knew that if he went to God with everything he would conquer the difficulty no matter what it was. That’s obedience and faith at the highest level.

We know that if we love God we will demonstrate it by doing his will (1 John 2:5, John 14:15) and by loving our neighbors as ourselves. (Matthew 22:36) Those are the two most important commandments in fact. This brings me to my second point. I truly believe that David was blessed because he did both of these things. David showed Love and forgiveness to Saul, his enemy. David’s love for God superseded any negative feelings he may have wanted to harbor towards Saul. Such that he had the opportunity to kill the man who was ruining his life and trying to kill him but he didn’t! He forgave him instead. (1 Samuel 24, 1 Samuel 26)

So far these two things stood out to me and I thought I’d share. I do hope that God helps us all in our walk with him, first and foremost to obey his word and do his will, secondly to allow his love to fill us up so much that, we have no room in our hearts for anger and resentment and unforgiveness towards anyone. I hope we allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy spirit in all situations and take a cue from David’s book to make it a point to inquire everything of God especially in times of trial. No matter what we’re going through let’s go to God about it first. I don’t always do this but I believe it would be so amazing to be this astute in my faith, so as not to be shaken in my walk with him. I would love not to even blink or bat an eyelash when trouble pops up in my life.

Let’s make it a point to intentionally stand firm in adversity and remind ourselves to be strong, obedient, loving, faithful and forgiving children of God. Like David we have prophecies over our lives because of the grace provided us by the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are destined for greatness and we are joint heirs to the kingdom of God. But also like David, we must trust God in all things and fight to fulfill our purpose like he did. ❤️

-A. Afua


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