About Me




Hey there!

yay you made it to my blog! So I’ve had it for about five years but I’d say at first, it was more of an outlet for venting.. then a hobby.. then a devotional blog of sorts.  I’ve decided to re-vamp it a little this year, to get it to reflect a lot more of who I am. Here are five short facts to get us started;


  1. My name is Awo and I’m 29. I’m the mommy of a princess.

2. This is a lifestyle blog, centered mainly on my experiences, mess-ups, blessings, daily inspo’s and most importantly my christian journey! I simply cannot be the only one taking L’s and falling on my face when it comes to doing what I love and doing what God expects.

3. I’m a procrastinator. Also, sometimes I have such high expectations of myself that I forget to just live.

4. I’m excited to interact, share and learn from others as well on how to balance self authenticity and Christianity. I’d love to learn about self development from you!

5. Enjoy!



Ps : I get some of my pictures from my phone gallery, and others from pinterest, then I edit and post!



1 Comment

  1. She walked elegantly like she had just come from Heaven
    I could not help than to admire her beauty
    instantly just like the way we have no power over nature,
    I felt her beauty consume my thoughts

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